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At that time, Cartagena was ruled by the Byzantines, and this move ensured a closer relation between the bishops of Spain and the Visigothic kings.

King Sisebut forced Jews in the Visigothic kingdom to convert to Christianity; this act was criticized and efforts were made to reverse it at the Fourth Council of Toledo in 633.

The decision did allow the bishop of Toledo, alone among bishops, to be involved in decisions concerning the royal Visigothic succession.

The ninth and tenth councils were held in rapid succession in 655 and 656.

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Funciones Epos ETT, selecciona dos Operarios/as de soplado para una importante multinacional del sector plstico ubicada en Valmojado, Toledo. - Desarollo profesional en una importante multinacional. Organiza, coordina y dirige las actividades del almacn y compras.

59 BCE – 17 CE) as urbs parva, sed loco munita ("a small city, but fortified by location").

Roman general Marcus Fulvius Nobilior fought a battle near the city in 193 BCE against a confederation of Celtic tribes including the Vaccaei, Vettones, and Celtiberi, defeating them and capturing a king called Hilermus.

) is a city and municipality located in central Spain, it is the capital of the province of Toledo and the autonomous community of Castile–La Mancha.

In practice this handed the power to choose kings to only such palace officials and military commanders who were in regular attendance on the king.

The decision also took king-making power away from the bishops, who would be in their own sees and would not have time to come together to attend the royal election.

It was also the place of important historic events such as the Visigothic Councils of Toledo.

Toletum) is mentioned by the Roman historian Livy (ca.

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By creating a new bishopric there, Wamba removed power over royal succession from the bishop of Toledo and granted it to the new bishop.

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